Frequently Asked Questions about Casino Trips

How can you give back so much "casino cashback" - sometimes more than the cost you are charging for the trip? The money you pay to us basically covers the cost of your transportation and lodging (if an overnight trip). The "cashback" money is provided by the casinos visited as an incentive to get busloads of people to come there (and spend more money). Generally a casino "greeter" gets on the bus when it arrives at the casino and passes out casino "packages" to each person on the bus. These packages are basically coupons for various different freebies given by the casino involved. A common requirement is that the bus (and its passengers) stay at the casino for a minimum number of hours (two - five hours) in order to qualify and receive these incentive packages.


What exactly is included for my money on a casino trip? On our trips you get luxury transportation via fully D.O.T. inspected and certified wide-body motorcoaches driven by trained and licenced motorcoach drivers. All of our trips carry an experienced trip escort to insure that everything on the trip goes smoothly and to tend to any special passenger needs. Movies and snacks are provided to help pass the time while traveling. Overnight accommodations on our "getaway" trips are usually right at the casino unless otherwise noted, in which case we only use First-Class nearby facilities.


My group wants to set up a trip as a fund raiser - do you do groups such as this? Yes, we have set up special trips for many groups and clubs. Basically all that is needed is the desire to do so and the ability to fill a bus - we do all the rest. Call us for complete details and pricing for groups.

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