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For over 14 years now, Sunburst Tours has been providing Completely Escorted Trips, Tours and Cruises (excursions) to Groups that they use as a Fund Raiser or as a "just for fun excursion" at an unbeatable price. We make all of the necessary arrangements and reservations - on Tours and Cruises, we even setup special Side Trips, Shows, Meals, and Cruise Shore Excursions that are far less costly and much better than those available on an individual basis. These are all Completely Escorted throughout by a member of our experienced staff to insure that everything goes as planned and that no one gets left stranded. Sunburst provides you and your Group with full color Promotional Flyers with Registration Forms on the back. Posters (usually larger versions of the Flyers) are also available upon request. Complete Registration Materials, including Sign Up Sheets with instructions and a detailed Trip Agreement that spells out what Sunburst does towards the excursion and what you must do are also provided. Two to three weeks before the actual trip departure we mail out Reminder Trip Confirmation Cards to each person signed up which tells them Where and When to catch the bus, important things they must bring, and where we are staying if an overnight excursion. On the actual excursion, we provide all members of your group with an Excursion Itinerary containing the Detailed Itinerary of the current excursion. Bus travel on our excursions is via fully insured, late model Luxury Motor Coaches driven by Trained and Certified Drivers. Luggage Tags are also provided if needed. We stay in only the best nearby hotels - usually those that are attached to the casino if it is a casino trip.

General Requirements for a Group Excursion: 40 persons or more are required for a private group excursion - smaller groups often can often be merged in with one of our regular scheduled excursions and still be able to make some money of receive special pricing for their members. You (the Group co-ordinator) are responsible for "spreading the word (getting passengers) by using the flyers and posters provided by Sunburst. You must provide Sunburst with a list containing all passenger names, addresses, phone numbers, and any other information required depending on the type of excursion planned - and collect their trip payment. On overnight (and longer) excursions a preliminary passenger list and often a deposit is required by Sunburst at least 21 days prior to the departure date. A final passenger list is required for both Overnight and Day Trip excursions 7 days prior to departure. We provide you with complete instructions and the necessary forms required for this passenger registration. If any of your passengers wish to pay by Credit Card, such arrangements can be made. Free Passage on most excursions is awarded to the Group Co-Ordinator once 24 paying passengers have been signed up, a second Free Passage is awarded after 48 paid passages. Depending on the type of group, length of the excursion, and where you are going, between $2 to $25 (or more) can be earned for your group per paying person going. Special "50-50" raffles or prize raffles can be done during the excursion by the Sunburst Escort so that your group can make even more money or just "Share the Wealth".

Most of our successful Group Trips have been Overnight and Day trips to casinos - these are generally the most popular and the easiest for the Group Co-ordinators to fill. We have done and will do trips to other places such as dinner show trips to Turkeyville; Theater trips to Stratford, Victoria Play House and Detroit; Sight-seeing River/Lake Cruises; Greenfield Village; Dow Gardens; Cedar Point and Sports Events. We also have taken Groups on multi-day tours such as Branson, Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; and New York City. One of Sunburst's specialities is Group Cruises, especially since we are Certified Carnival Cruise Specialists. We have done both Private and Open group cruises to Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean, Northern Europe and Southern Europe. Raffling off a prepaid cruise can also be a fantastic Fund Raiser for a Charitable Group, Potentially making thousands of dollars for the benefitting charitable group with very little risk or work - call us for details.

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