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Date of Trip Destination (What's included) Type of Trip,Price per person

Apr 2 Sun- Apr 3 Little River Overnight (Up to $70 pkgs)Overight $99
Apr 5 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Apr 6 Thu Hollywood Daytrip (up tp $10 pkg)Daytrip $30
Apr 11 Tue Firekeepers ()Daytrip $32
Apr 19 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Apr 23 Sun- Apr 25 Chip Inn Overnight (3 Days)Overnight $155
Apr 26 Wed Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Apr 27 Thu Soaring Eagle Casino (pkg $25)Daytrip $32
May 7 Sun- May 8 Niagara Falls (Niagara Tour)Special Overnig $115
May 9 Tue Turkeyville Dinner Theater (Dinner and Play)Special Daytrip $69
May 10 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
May 11 Thu Point Edward Casino (pkg $10)Daytrip $20
May 13 Sat Flower Day Eastern market (Flower Sale)Special Daytrip $27
May 16 Tue Firekeepers ()Daytrip $32
May 17 Wed Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
May 21 Sun- May 23 Chip Inn Overnight (3 Days)Overnight $155
May 22 Mon Soaring Eagle Concert Frankie Avalon (Show ticket and upto $25)Special Daytrip $32
May 24 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
May 30 Tue Caesars Windsor (pkg $15)Daytrip $25
Jun 4 Sun- Jun 5 Little River Overnight (Up to $70 pkgs)Overight $99
Jun 7 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Jun 10 Sat Cedar Point (Cedar Point rides)Special Daytrip $69
Jun 11 Sun- Jun 13 Chip Inn Overnight (upto $480)Overnight $155
Jun 12 Mon Soaring Eagle Concert ULTIMATE DOO-WOP (Show ticket and upto $25)Special Daytrip $32
Jun 14 Wed Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Jun 20 Tue Firekeepers ()Daytrip $32
Jun 21 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Jun 22 Thu Hollywood Daytrip (up tp $10 pkg)Daytrip $30
Jun 27 Tue Shipshewana (Flea Market)Special Daytrip $45
Jun 28 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Jul 9 Sun- Jul 11 Chip Inn Overnight (3 Days)Overnight $155
Jul 12 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Jul 17 Mon Cedar Point (Cedar Point rides)Special Daytrip $69
Jul 19 Wed Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Jul 20 Thu Soaring Eagle Casino (pkg $25)Daytrip $32
Jul 23 Sun- Jul 24 Little River Overnight (Up to $70 pkgs)Overight $99
Jul 26 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Aug 6 Sun- Aug 8 Chip Inn Overnight (3 Days)Overnight $155
Aug 9 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Aug 13 Sun- Aug 14 Little River Overnight (Up to $70 pkgs)Overight $99
Aug 14 Mon Cedar Point (Cedar Point rides)Special Daytrip $69
Aug 16 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Aug 17 Thu Caesars Windsor (pkg $15)Daytrip $25
Aug 22 Tue Point Edward Casino (pkg $10)Daytrip $20
Aug 23 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Aug 28 Mon Soaring Eagle Concert Tanya Tucker ()Special Daytrip $32
Aug 29 Tue Shipshewana (Shopping)Special Daytrip $Call
Aug 30 Wed Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Sep 6 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Sep 10 Sun- Sep 12 Chip Inn Overnight (3 Days)Overnight $155
Sep 13 Wed Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Sep 14 Thu Soaring Eagle Casino (pkg $25)Daytrip $32
Sep 19 Tue Hollywood Daytrip (up tp $10 pkg)Daytrip $30
Sep 20 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Oct 7 Sat Justin Evans Fund Raiser ()Group Daytrip $35
Oct 8 Sun- Oct 10 Chip Inn Overnight (3 Days)Overnight $155
Oct 11 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Oct 18 Wed Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Oct 19 Thu Point Edward Casino (pkg $10)Daytrip $20
Oct 22 Sun- Oct 23 Little River Overnight (Up to $70 pkgs)Overight $99
Oct 25 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Oct 26 Thu Soaring Eagle Casino (pkg $25)Daytrip $32
Nov 4 Sat Frankenmuth ()Special Daytrip $Call
Nov 5 Sun- Nov 7 Chip Inn Overnight (3 Days)Overnight $155
Nov 6 Mon Soaring Eagle Concert Wayne Newton ()Special Daytrip $32
Nov 8 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Nov 12 Sun- Nov 13 Little River Overnight (Up to $70 pkgs)Overight $99
Nov 15 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Nov 16 Thu Hollywood Daytrip (up tp $10 pkg)Daytrip $30
Nov 21 Tue Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Nov 29 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Dec 3 Sun- Dec 5 Chip Inn Overnight (3 Days)Overnight $155
Dec 6 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Dec 7 Thu Soaring Eagle Casino (pkg $25)Daytrip $32
Dec 12 Tue Motor City Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Dec 13 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Dec 27 Wed Greektown Casino (pkg $30)Daytrip $27
Feb 24 Sat Carnival Vista Eastern Caribbean ()Cruise $Call

Advance Reservations are Required on all Trips and Tours. Reservations must be made by phone, with payment by check or by Credit Card. All Scheduled trips and tours pickup along I-94 at Chesterfield, Adair and in Port Huron (Our Home Base). Trips marked (s) travel the "South Route" along I-69, picking up at Emmett, Imlay City, Lapeer, and Flint. Those marked (n) travel the "North Route", along M-46, picking up in Lexington, Port Sanilac, Sandusky, and Scott's Quik Stop. Trips marked (d) can pickup in Flatrock and Southgate before arriving in Port Huron, and those marked (p) start in Port Huron and go South through Detroit. - see our pickup locations map for a map and description of all Sunburst regular pickups. An (x) indicates a special pickup has been arranged (call for information). Other special pickups can be arranged for groups of 12 or more persons. Some trip Prices are going up, once your payment is received you are locked in at the current prevailing price - otherwise, if the price goes up before payment in made, the trip cost will be at the new posted price.

Sunburst Cancellation Policy - Overnight trip cancellations must be called in at least 3 weeks before the departure date to receive a refund. Later cancellations on Overnight trips will be charged a cancellation fee of up to the total cost of the trip. Daytrip cancellations may be called in up to 12 hours prior to departure to receive 100% credit towards a future trip. No-Call - No-Shows will lose the entire amount paid. Credit Card payments on trips costing over $49 per person will be charged a 3% processing fee - personal checks are the preferred payment method for Trips and Tours.

Sunburst's Trips & Tours are all completely Escorted, and our buses are new, wide bodied, air conditioned motor coaches with reclining seats, on-board restrooms, and DVD players for showing movies while on longer trips and tours. First class lodging is included on overnight trips. The Above Published trip prices are subject to change without notice due to fuel and other variable expenses. Revised prices become effective immediately upon publishing on this web page and affect all unpaid Reservations Only (paid reservations still travel at the original price in effect when they made payment). Some trip itineraries may vary or change during the trip due to weather conditions, casino closings or hours change, or because of a majority of trip passengers consensus. Scheduled trips may be canceled if the required minimum have not registered by 14 days prior to departure. Casino incentive 'packages' indicated are provided by the casinos visited and are subject to change without any prior notice.

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